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Jang Geun Suk: It's so great if I had a girlfriend like Moon Geun Young


Title: It's so great if I had a girlfriend like Moon Geun Yong

Jang Geun Suk (star from middle school) send a proposal for Moon Geun Yong--"Please be my girlfriend"

Someone asked Jang about his opinion about Moon who was also at grade 2 in the middle school. Jang said Moon was a lovely, kind actress, they could be good friend because of the same experience and situation.

As the MC of SBS RADIO, Jang also said" it would be a excellent present for the middle school student if Moon can be the guest actress of the program."

Jang only met Moon once in a program of MBC, He attended as the actor of "NONSTOP4", and Moon attended for promoting "MY little bride"

Jang said "As we are the stars from middle schoole, people always compared us. It makes me feel presure. I also saw film script based us". (hehehe, Suk, are you happy now? you shooting together with Moon)

(Take note: This was news in July 2004)


Credit: Geungeun baidu, translated by huanerxu @ GeunGeun Baidu

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  1. Miri-Anna says:

    I Love You Jang Geun Suk Can you Be My Boyfriend :)

  2. heizyi says:

    wow, this is very nice oppa.... you are is the best

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